Our Values

In our town, there are no two individuals who've stood up more for not just our neighbors but for the nation and the world than President and Secretary Clinton.

I was a volunteer in the 2016 Clinton campaign, spending the closing week of the campaign and election day by choice in North Carolina. That state was ground zero in the battle for equality, and it was where Secretary Clinton held her last rally the night before the balloting began.

Her message after the election was one I heard loud and clear. She said, get involved, organize, and run for office. As did the people of Up2Us, Indivisible, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, the Social Justice Political Action Committee and so many more.

Our Senator is a Rock Star

Kirsten Gillibrand shows brilliance and flexibility in dealing with tough issues. When she was challenged on her position on a bill on which she seemed to be on the wrong side she didn't try to duck or hide. She said, in simple language, that if she'd gotten it wrong she'd change her position. And she was glad that people had brought the problem to her attention. What a contrast with those who flip flop and claim their 180 degree reversal had been their position all along!
For almost 30 years Nita Lowey has been our Congresswoman, rising to ranking member on the Appropriations Committee. She stands strong for all of us, and I'm proud to stand with her.
In our very first conversation, Sean Patrick Maloney and his staff helped us to come up with better funding sources for our infrastructure projects. Working together, we can save you tax dollars, reducing expensive bond issues and end what I call the Greenstein tax, that big extra chunk on your tax bill that you're paying because the incumbents are in over their heads.
Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a stalwart for equality - and he lives here in New Castle!
Our State Assemblyman, David Buchwald, has been a champion for New Castle.
Our County Legislator, Mike Kaplowitz, is the Chairman of the Westchester County Legislature and I'm delighted and honored that he's also a strong supporter of this campaign.
Leticia James is New York City's Public Advocate and an inspiring leader.
The head of the Democratic Party, Tom Perez is working hard to turn towns like ours back to blue. I'm proud to stand with him in that effort.
Jess O'Connell is the CEO of the Democratic Party and will be helping us win nationwide.
Brette McSweeney of Eleanor's Legacy and Rebecca Thompson of Emily's List are helping pro-choice Democratic women win in New York.
Stephanie Taylor and Adam Green founded the Progressive Change Campaign Committee to rebuild the progressive movement, and together we can and will make a difference!