Hillary Clinton Endorses My Campaign!


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Kristen on Delivering A Message

Audrey Mann Cronin

Here’s the thing about gender: I’ve now been to the homes of over 1000 New Castle voters. Exactly five have brought up gender. One slammed the door in my face, one made a snarky comment, and three said something about me deserving support for bravery or being a pioneer… but I don’t see this as anything like that at all.

I believe that the measure of a person is what they do for others. And this is a different venue for me, but it’s really just a continuation of the work I’ve done in the past.

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Four Endorsements in One Day

I'm delighted to announce that our campaign has been endorsed by both of our town's Congressional representatives, Rep. Nita Lowey and Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney. Add to that the endorsements announced today by the Progressive Change Campaign Commitee, which named me one of their "Champions" of 2017, and the Building and Trades Council of Westchester-Putnam, both of which organizations endorsed me today.

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Kristen Browde on Getting Residents to Work Together

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Kristen Browde on Family

Kristen Browde on Education in Our Town

Kristen Browde on the importance of working together

Working Families Party names Kristen to 150 Progressive Champions List

In local election years, the Working Families Party endorses hundreds of candidates across New York State. In New York City, we are proud to have a strong list of WFP-endorsed progressive candidates running for office. However, we recognize that it is not enough to elect strong progressives in NYC. That’s why in 2013 we launched our progressive champions project with a goal of building the bench of progressive super stars all across New York State, working to achieve progressive policies at the local level and positioned to run for higher office.

Our goal is to help elect working people with progressive values- many of whom never considered themselves able to successfully run for office before because they lacked access to money and influence- the tools, skill, and training to run for office and WIN. This year, we trained over 500 potential candidates for local office.

Here we are highlighting 150 progressive champions, all of whom are running for local office in 2017. These are the rising stars in the progressive movement and are changing local politics as we know it. Some of these Progressive Champions are first time candidates, while others are elected leaders with a track record of progressive achievement while in office.

In the era of Trump, electing strong progressives to local office has never been more important. With attempts to gut public education, dismantle environmental protections and tear immigrant families apart coming down from the federal government, local elected leaders are on the first line of defense in our communities, protecting immigrant and Muslim families, working to improve public education, passing protections of our natural resources, ensuring fair housing and so much more.

Please support these candidates by helping spread the word about their campaigns, volunteering, donating, and most importantly, voting for them!

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Meet Kristen Browde

You're going to be hearing me say this a lot between now and election day. You can't change your town or your nation if you're sitting at home. You have to #PutYourShoesOn!

Democrats and Stronger New Castle set Second Day of Action

Sunday, September 20th, join the Democratic candidates in New Castle for a morning of campaigning...

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First Day of Action a Huge Success!

It is exciting to see so many motivated neighbors eager to grab a clipboard and bring our message to the people,” said Kristen Browde, Democratic candidate for Town Supervisor. “Our slate will bring new energy, enthusiasm, and solutions to our community and today was a positive step in that direction.”

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It's Our First Day of Action in New Castle

We join Moms Demand Action Against Gun Violence and their Concert Across America, then fan out for three hours of canvassing in New Castle in support of my slate of three strong women running to bring competent, progressive government to New Castle and to turn the town back to blue, capped off by a celebration at Quaker Hill Tavern at 3 PM.

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Statement on Events in Charlottesville, NC

August 13, 2017
Kristen Browde

There are many times when, in our nation’s continuing conversations, we confront issues with “many, many sides.” This is not one of them.

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Trump's tweet announcing ban on transgender people from military is a betrayal: View

It probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise, but it is yet another disappointment. Today’s 140 character assault from the White House targeted a relatively small group of American heroes, members of the active duty military who happen to be transgender, even though, by all accounts, they have been performing their duties both with distinction and without issue.

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The news conference that followed the nomination quickly impressed upon me that though I was clear that my gender was irrelevant — that it wouldn’t balance a budget or in any way help anyone in town, but that what I did in office would — the world outside my small town didn’t see it that way.

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Chappaqua Daily Voice

Kristen Browde, who is opposing Greenstein for supervisor on the Democratic ticket, said if you run as a Republican, you're a Republican.

"If you support Republicans, you're a Republican," Browde said. "He supports the most extreme right-wing Trump Republicans and he wants to run away from that. I understand that, but it doesn't work. Who you stand with shows what you stand for and he stands with the Republicans."

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Teen Vogue

Leora Yashi

“It’s about my town,” she said. “My gender won’t balance the budget, it won’t get the streets plowed, it won’t fill the pot holes, it won’t help the town in any way. But what I do in office, that will.”

“The message I want to impart to my kids, who are 13 and 17, and that I want to impart to any kid, whether they are cis, trans, LGBTQ, or not, is that you are not limited in your life. The world is full of infinite possibilities and it’s what you as individuals make of it," Browde said.

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Fios1 News Candidate Profile

New Castle supervisor candidate profile: Kristen Browde

NewsBreakers speaks to first transgender major party nominee for any elective office in NY

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Westchester Journal News

“We care about raising our kids, we care about the economy, we care about security. If he’s watching and not sticking his head in the sand a little more, he’ll see we are not caricatures, we are not Caitlyn Jenners, we are not less than anyone else,” said Browde, now a lawyer and a cofounder of the Transgender Bar Association.

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